The beautiful Christian Radich, built in 1937, will take adventurous travellers on voyages of a lifetime this summer, taking in some of the sought-after jewels of the Mediterranean and Atlantic coastline.

This isn.’t a cruise; this is a unique sailing expedition. With an intimate capacity of just 60 co-sailors, Christian Radich offers a wholly immersive experience where you don’t just live alongside the sea, you become one with it – sharing its joys with your crewmates and, where desired, actively taking part in duties. You can help set the sails, maintain the course, and feel like you’re genuinely contributing to a successful voyage on board this magical ship.

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Destination freedom

The world is reopening. Don’t drift back into old habits, seize opportunity.

A trip of a lifetime awaits you in 2021. Slip out into an exclusive ocean of experiences onboard the Christian Radich.


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‘Our first trip was a blast
and we’re ready for more’

Norwegians Anett and Tor signed up for their first sailing on Christian Radich in 2018. Their four-day leg from Sunderland to Esbjerg was part of that summer’s Tall Ships Race. Despite some minor apprehension, they both had a marvellous time and their message to those mulling a similar escape is simply: ‘Plan early and go for it.’

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One with the ocean

Don’t just stare at the sea, dive into its sensory delights on an unforgettable voyage, with a timeless ship.
How do you connect with something, really connect?
Do you simply look at it, admiring it for what makes it unique, or do you immerse yourself in those same qualities – touching, smelling, listening, tasting, seeing, imagining, really being at one with?

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Naturally better voyages

Let the wind transport you to a new world of sustainable, exhilarating and unforgettable travel.

Set sail with nature as your captain, crewmate and close companion on the Christian Radich this summer.


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Instant friends, just add water

People like you want to meet people like you.

Aboard a working sailing ship you can come into close contact with like-minded souls that share your sense of adventure, inquiring spirit and uplifting love of the ocean. An increasingly digital world, where everyone seems to be friends or connections, can be a lonely place. It’s difficult to speak to new people and enjoy face-to-face contact, especially after the enforced isolation brought on by the global pandemic.
So, now we’re free to start adventuring out again, how can you engage with fellow adventurers?

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Sea Europe Opinion Piece post corona

Sailing safely into a new world

Norwegian full-rigged sailing ship Christian Radich opens bookings for European tourists looking for a once-in-a-lifetime summer experience in 2021.

Ida Rosenvinge, (Marketing Manager), of Sea Europe, argues that the time is nigh for passengers to set sail once again.



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