The world is reopening. Don’t drift back into old habits, seize opportunity. A trip of a lifetime awaits you in 2021. Slip out into an exclusive ocean of experiences onboard the Christian Radich.


You don’t celebrate with a glass of water, you reach for something sparkling. Special occasions demand special experiences, and what could be more special than the reopening of society, the ability to travel, and the chance to not just dream, but do?

After months of being stuck at home it’s time to escape towards new horizons. We can be free once again, and what better way to embrace that sensation than on a once in a lifetime sailing trip on a unique, beautiful and exhilarating three-masted ship?

Welcome onboard the Christian Radich.


Unforgettable experience

Built in 1937, this 73m long Norwegian tall-ship is one of the world’s most admired sailing vessels. Exquisitely preserved, but constantly utilised and enjoyed, the ship has a long history of delighting all that see, hear and touch her billowing sails. Whether training sailors, competing in races and competitions, or transporting a lucky few guests on unforgettable voyages, the Christian Radich sets a standard all of its own.

It is a living, breathing celebration of the seas.

And in late summer and autumn 2021 it’s your turn to set sail with us.


Adventure awaits

To mark a new era of freedom we’ve created an exclusive itinerary taking in sought after locations on the Mediterranean and Atlantic coast. There’s something for everyone, ranging from the charm of Bremerhaven, to the beauty of Cherbourg, the medieval history of Cadiz and the rustic grandeur of Lisbon, to name just a few specially selected stops.
But of course, the voyage is about the journey as much as the destinations, and there is nothing like experiencing crystal waters, flowing sails, and the soundtrack of the sea in the company of like-minded, active adventurers like yourself.


Dive in

This isn’t a cruise; this is a unique sailing expedition. With an intimate capacity of just 60 passengers, Christian Radich offers a wholly immersive experience where you don’t just live alongside the sea, you become one with it – sharing its joys with your crewmates and, where desired, actively taking part in duties. You can help set the sails, maintain the course, and feel like you’re genuinely contributing to a successful voyage on board this magical ship.

This is your holiday but it’s also your opportunity to fulfil ambitions. You decide where you want to travel with that idea.


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The world is waiting for you.  Experience it like never before with Sea Europe and the Christian Radich.