People like you want to meet people like you. Aboard a working sailing ship you can come into close contact with like-minded souls that share your sense of adventure, inquiring spirit and uplifting love of the ocean.


An increasingly digital world, where everyone seems to be friends or connections, can be a lonely place. It’s difficult to speak to new people and enjoy face-to-face contact, especially after the enforced isolation brought on by the global pandemic.


So, now we’re free to start adventuring out again, how can you engage with fellow adventurers?


A tall ship like the Christian Radich is the perfect place to start.


Sharing the unique


These majestic sailing ships are intimate, yet lively environments where everyone – crew and passengers alike – is drawn together. Not only physically, on decks and in quarters, but also mentally, sharing the appreciation of the sparkling waters, the billowing sails and the sense that you are on the same, secret adventure – free from the everyday, in a world that only a chosen few can access.


There’s an instant bond, you connect.


Active enjoyment


On the Christian Radich, a unique 73m long three-masted ship built in 1937, we’ve worked hard to make the most of this amazing platform for friendship. With a capacity for just 60 fellow-sailors you can be sure not to be “lost in the crowd”, while the open deck arrangement and informal sleeping and living quarters mean you always have a friendly face close at hand.


For those that really want to get a taste of life at sea, you’ll be encouraged to play an active part in operations, joining the crew to help out on key duties. This strengthens bonds further, with a strong sensation of being “in it together” and shared achievement that, we’ve been told, lives on for years in those eager to roll up their sleeves and take part.


Magic and memories


There’s more luxurious, five-star holidays out there, but there’s nothing like a trip on the Christian Radich for fulfilling dreams, building bonds and forging life-long memories. You’ll be sailing on in your mind for an eternity after returning home.


In late summer and autumn 2021 we’ve tailored special itineraries taking in magical destinations on the Atlantic and Mediterranean. This is your chance to come onboard and enjoy a unique connection, both with your fellow sailors and the sea itself.


Space is limited so be sure to visit soon for further details.


We look forward to seeing you, and your new friends, onboard this year!