Let the wind transport you to a new world of sustainable, exhilarating and unforgettable travel. Set sail with nature as your captain, crewmate and close companion on the Christian Radich this summer.


The pandemic has taken away, but it has also given. Given us an opportunity to ‘build back better’ with people, nature and our interconnected environment to the fore. We’ve seen how changes in our behaviour can have an almost instantaneous impact on the world around us: cleaning the air, rejuvenating wildlife and diminishing damage.


New directions


This is a lesson we can’t afford to forget. We can’t return to old ways and spurn new chances to step back from a global tipping point. We have the opportunity to write a fresh chapter in our history, working towards the happy ending we all want for future generations.


But let’s not see this as a struggle – as a price to pay, or a punishment. There are better ways to behave that not only deliver for the environment, but also enhance our own experiences, enjoyment and sense of self-worth and achievement.


Here at Sea Europe we see responsible tourism as a central pillar in the build back better project.


Stunning connections


We have invested in creating an offer whereby guests are transported on short-sea trips that both connect them to the environment around them, while preserving it through silent sailing and (as far as physically possible) zero emissions operations.


Instead of pile-driving through seas atop giant vessels, you can glide through them on an elegant, unique and environmentally friendly tall-ship. One that is powered by the same wind that caresses your face as you gaze out on sparkling European waters. Simple, sustainable and stunning experiences.


Voyage of your life


The beautiful Christian Radich, built in 1937, will take adventurous travellers on voyages of a lifetime this summer, taking in some of the sought-after jewels of the Mediterranean and Atlantic coastline in a way that unites us with the world around us, rather than ripping through it.


We want to support, empower and preserve the seas we sail on and the destinations we visit. We believe – and we’re sure you do too – that that’s a better way to take tourism forward into tomorrow.


Fantastic trips don’t have to cost the earth. Join us on board for a new world of discovery.


Nature is waiting…


Dive in and find out more at www.seaeurope.no