One with the ocean


Don’t just stare at the sea, dive into its sensory delights on an unforgettable voyage, with a timeless ship.


How do you connect with something, really connect?


Do you simply look at it, admiring it for what makes it unique, or do you immerse yourself in those same qualities – touching, smelling, listening, tasting, seeing, imagining, really being at one with?


Now, think of what makes the ocean special.


The life it contains, the life it gives, the colours, the movement, the air, the sounds, the mesmerising promise that beckons you closer when you see a glint on the horizon. It’s not just something to witness, it’s something to welcome into your heart. It demands connection, and in return delivers complete experience.


That is our focus here at Sea Europe.


Hotels are great, huge cruise vessels have advantages, but we believe that to really connect with the sea you have to open up your senses and truly engage with it. To do that you need a platform, an enabler, tailored to showcase the environment in all its wonder.


That is where the Christian Radich comes in.


The Christian Radich is a unique, three-sailed, fully rigged ship that oozes history while offering modern quality and comfort. With just an 60-passenger capacity it delivers both intimacy and a sense of community – a place for calm but also to meet like-minded souls equally as moved by the big blue as you are.


This isn’t a crowded beach, this isn’t a faceless product, this is an authentic, environmentally friendly work of art designed to transport you not just to fascinating European destinations, but to another place entirely. A place where you and the ocean are at one.


To add to the sense of adventure, there’s a policy of ‘all hands on deck’, allowing you to, where desired, help the crew sail this elegant 73m long tall-ship through the sparkling waters of the Mediterranean and Atlantic.


It’s an experience like no other. And a voyage you will never forget.


This is your chance to truly connect. Why not dive in and find out more at



Summer 2021 itineraries available now.