Situated beside the Atlantic Ocean, A Coruña is a historic city whose history has maintained close links with its old fishing and commercial port. The port has long been the scene of important historical events, in modern times, A Coruña has been awarded for the best Tall Ship festivals.

The peninsula on which the Old City stands also contains the Tower of Hercules, the only working Roman lighthouse in the world, and the symbol of the city.

Santiago de Compostela is less than an hour away with train. It is the world’s most famous place of pilgrimage, and the apostle James is buried here. We recommend you to use this opportunity to visit this famous city.


Tall Ship Festival in A Coruña

The Tall Ship Ports have prepared for the event a couple of years before they can welcome the fleet. Sail-ships in all sizes arrive in the harbour, from the big Class A ships to the smaller sailboats. They are welcomed by local boats an people waving on the shore. When the ships are moored at the quayside and the trainees can go ashore, they are met by a traditional festival. Musicians, activities for the whole family and trucks with local food along the quayside. All the ships invite people to visit them at “open ship” and it is a great feeling to meet fellow trainees from other ships.

The harbour organize sports-events, sailing-parade and activities for the crew. The price giving ceremony and a huge firework usually ends it all. After three days, the ships are ready for the sea again, from A Coruña we will be preparing for Cruise-in-Company.


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A Coruña’s attractions are complemented by a cuisine which is famous throughout the country, especially for the excellence of its fish and seafood, but also the meat produced in the province.

From most places you have to fly through Madrid on your way to/from A Coruña. In A Coruña, there is a bus going from downtown to the airport, you can also take taxi, it takes approximately fifteen minutes. The harbor is in the city center, close to the Old Town.


You can also take the train to Santiago de Compostela. The train takes less than an hour. Ryanair, among others, are flying from Santiago.

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