Lisbon is a Tall Ships Races regular ­– it’s welcomed the fleet after the first race leg six times already.

This captivating, cobble-stoned city sits on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean. It faces the sea, and cleverly uses water as one of the city’s defining elements.


Lisbon overlooks the Tagus River (Rio Tejo) and captivates its many visitors with its Gothic cathedrals, Roman and Moorish ruins, majestic monasteries, quaint museums, and a plethora of sunny cafes. Lisbon’s lamp-lit old quarters will transport you back in time, while the newer parts of the town reveal an undeniably youthful spirit, with vibrant bars, clubs and street parties.


Take in the yellow trams that pass through Lisbon’s streets, visit the beautiful grand plazas, and get gloriously lost exploring the narrow lanes.


Tall Ship Event in Lisbon

The Tall Ship Ports have prepared for the event a couple of years before they can welcome the fleet. Sail-ships in all sizes arrive in the harbour, from the big Class A ships to the smaller sailboats. They are welcomed by local boats an people waving on the shore. When the ships are moored at the quayside and the trainees can go ashore, they are met by a traditional festival. Musicians, activities for the whole family and trucks with local food along the quayside. All the ships invite people to visit them at “open ship” and it is a great feeling to meet fellow trainees from other ships.


The harbour organize sports-events, sailing-parade and activities for the crew. The price giving ceremony and a huge firework usually ends it all. After three days, the ships are ready for the sea again, from Lisbon we will prepare for the final race to Cadiz!


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Bacalhau (salted codfish) is famous, but the grilled sardines are also popular local food.  When you visit Lisbon you must taste the pastel de nata sprinkled with cinnamon. To drink nothing like the vast choice of Portuguese wines and the fruity sangria.

There are several airlines offering direct flights to and from Lisbon. When you have arrived, it is about 15 minutes by bus or taxi to the city center and harbor.

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