Check-in day, is stated in your travel documents. If you join the first voyage from Oslo, check in is at 16.00 and departure is at 18.00 on August 7.
On all the other Sea Europe-voyages, check-in is between 1600 and 1800 the day before the ship leaves port. Check-in day, is stated in your travel documents. If you arrive later than 18.00 check-in day, please inform well in advance: e-mail: or +47 22 47 82 70.
If you arrive early, you can drop your luggage on board at your own risk between 10 and 4 PM. In accordance with regulatory requirements, your luggage might be inspected. The deck will be closed for trainees, if customers have contracted the deck while in port.

Check-out, is after breakfast the day of arrival if not any other message is given. If you have ordered one extra night on board after arrival, check-out is after breakfast and latest at 11.00.
If you have booked two or more voyages, you can stay on board in between the voyages.

Departure and arrival times
Changes in departure and arrival times may occur. You must consider this when ordering other transport. Arrival may be earlier but you can stay on board until the stated arrival time. We may also risk waiting to be able to dock. You must pay attention to this when ordering transport to and from the ship. Travel to and from ports is not included in the tour price.