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Bremerhaven – Oslo

Sea Europe

August 15 – 20 

We leave Bremerhaven and the festival “lütte Sail Bremerhaven 2021” and go out in the North Sea. We hope the winds are with us so we can have some good sailing before we enter Skagerrak and the Norwegian coast.

Oslo – Cadiz

Sea Europe

August 27 –  September 10

If you want to take part in this voyage from Oslo to the tip of Spain, you will stay on board Christian Radich almost two weeks. The best part is that you only pay for the food. You join in on the sailing and work. Welcome on board!

Cadiz – Tarragona

Sea Europe

September 12 – 17

Cádiz is one of the oldest cities in south-west Europe, strongly connected to the sea. After three days of Tall Ship Festival and the price-giving ceremony, we head  towards the Strait of Gibraltar and the Mediterranean.

Tarragona – Cagliari

Sea Europe

September 19 – 24

Welcome to sail with the Christian Radich in the Mediterranean. Maybe you will spend a few days in Tarragona by the coast of Catalonia. Tarragona was an important city even to Romans, so the history is old.

Cagliari – Alicante

Sea Europe

September 26- October 01

Like so many other Mediterranean towns, Cagliari was built around a fortress in the heart of the old town. Sardinia is famous for having the clearest waters in the Mediterranean and you find long white beaches all over.

Alicante – Malaga

Sea Europe

October 3-8.

Alicante is a good starting-point for a voyage. It is easy access from all over to this popular tourist-place. The distance between Alicante and Malaga is not far, but sailing is drifting and going where the winds take you.

Oslo – Malaga, The whole tour

Sea Europe

August 27- October 08

What an adventure, something everyone should do once in their lifetime! Welcome on board for more than a month. If you want some time away from everyday-life, this is the perfect way of travelling.