From Norway it takes about 3 hours and 40 minutes to fly to Alicante. The airport is about 20 minutes by car from the airport.

Ship location in Alicante


There are several companies that fly directly, e.g. SAS and Norwegian. Both of these airlines fly almost daily directly to Malaga from Oslo Gardermoen. You can also fly to Malaga from several other cities in Norway.
Also remember that it is quite possible to fly to other cities along the Costa del Sol and by bus or train quickly get to Malaga.
The airport is located about 8 kilometers southwest of Malaga. You can easily get to and from the city by train. There are departures every half hour. You can also take a bus.

Ship location in Malaga

October 3 – 8.

Alicante – Malaga

Alicante is a good starting-point for a voyage. It is easy access from all over to this popular tourist-place. The distance between Alicante and Malaga is not far, but sailing is drifting and going where the winds take you. On this voyage, we have plenty of time to just be on board the ship and feel the winds, the weather and the Mediterranean. On former voyages, we have even anchored and jumped in the water. That is something! After four days in the Mediterranean, we moor in Malaga, another city known for sun and beautiful beaches. Malaga, known for sun and beautiful beaches. The city has a long history it is actually one of the world’s oldest cities, founded in the 700’s. Enjoy a day or two here before you go home.




03. 10. 2021 16:00 – 18:00


ARRIVAL Malaga 08.10.2021 09:00
NOT INCLUDED Flights and transfers to and from the ship, Drinks on board (available for local prices), Field trips, Other personal expenses.

The ship leaves the next morning.