The nearest airport is Jerez de la Frontera 40 kms. There are direct flights to Jerez from Madrid and Barcelona as well as charter flights from the UK, Germany and some other European countries. In high season Ryanair operate a direct flight from London. There is train that links the airport with Cadiz. There is no bus service.

Seville airport is 100 kms away, Malaga airport is 250 km away. By bus it takes app. 3.5 hours.
Shuttle bus from Malaga:
Shuttle bus Cadiz-Jerez:

Ship location in Cadiz


You can fly to Barcelona. Its a 4 hours flight from Norway to Barcelona. Then you can take a bus or train to Tarragona. Tarragona is 90 km from Barcelona.

Ship location in Tarragona

Cadiz – Tarragona

September 12 – 17

Cádiz is one of the oldest cities in south-west Europe, and its history can tell about seafarers and adventure. After three days of Tall Ship Festival and the final price-giving ceremony, we head for the Mediterranean. The first adventure is passing the Strait of Gibraltar, between Africa and Europe! It is stunning and you are trainee aboard Christian Radich, one of the most famous tall ships in the world! It is still summer in the Mediterranean at this time of the year. The winds are warm, they can give us good sailing, but it can also be calm. There are so many beautiful places along the southern coast of Spain, for this voyage, we have chosen Tarragona for the final stop, if you don’t want to join us further you disembark here. Barcelona is less than two hour’s drive from Tarragona if you want to combine the voyage with a weekend in this city.




12.09. 2021 16:00 – 18:00


ARRIVAL Tarragona 17.09. 2021 09:00
NOT INCLUDED Flights and transfers to and from the ship, Drinks on board (available for local prices), Field trips, Other personal expenses.

The ship leaves the next morning.