It is possible to fly to Paris Charles de Gauelle The airport is 310 km from the city. It is also possible to fly to Paris Orly Airport. It is just as far away. Trains run from the airports to Cherbourg.

Ship location in Cherbourg

A Coruña

From most places you have to fly through Madrid on your way to/from A Coruña. In A Coruña, there is a bus going from downtown to the airport, you can also take taxi, it takes approximately fifteen minutes. The harbor is in the city center, close to the Old Town.

You can also take the train to Santiago de Compostela. The train takes less than an hour. Ryanair, among others, are flying from Santiago.

La Coruna Airport:
Santiago Airport:

Ship location in A Coruña

August 21 – 26

Cherbourg has a deep natural harbour backed by steep wooded hillsides. Centuries ago, it was an obvious place for a fortified port. Cherbourg is one of France’s important Channel ports and it is one of the best-connected ferry ports in France. Cherbourg has a history of seafarers and adventure and now it is our turn to go into the Channel and sail to A Coruña. We have to pass the “infamous” Bay of Biscay. It should be quite calm this time of year. In A Coruña we will meet the Tall Ship Fleet. A Coruña, has previously been awarded the best Tall Ship festival. We look forward to stay here during the festival. You can buy one night extra and stay on board as well.




21. 08. 2021 16:00 – 18:00


A Coruña
26.08. 2021 12:00
NOT INCLUDED Flights and transfers to and from the ship, Drinks on board (available for local prices), Field trips, Other personal expenses.

The ship leaves the next morning.