You can fly to Barcelona. Its a 4 hours flight from Norway to Barcelona. Then you can take a bus or train to Tarragona. Tarragona is 90 km from Barcelona.

Ship location in Tarragona


Cagliari Elmas Airport is less than a mile from Cagliari.

It takes about 15 minutes to reach the center of Cagliari, unless you are in rush hour traffic.

Both traditional airlines and low cost airlines use Elmas Airport and it should be no problem to find flights that take you here. In the summer, separate direct routes are often set up with e.g. SAS and Norwegian.

Ship location in Cagliari

September 19 – 24

Welcome to sail with the Christian Radich in the Mediterranean. Maybe you will spend a few days in Tarragona by the coast of Catalonia. Tarragona was an important city even to Romans, so the history is old. The more famous Barcelona is not far away. We give you a unique change to sail a Tallship in the Mediterranean, embarking in Tarragona. It is late summer and the days are still warm. You are a trainee on board and you participate in the work with sails and ropes. After four days at sea, the ship will be moored in Cagliari, south on Sardinia. We are now in Italy. Like so many other Mediterranean towns Cagliari, built around a fortress, the heart of the old town. Sardinia is famous for having the clearest waters in the Mediterranean and you find long white beaches all over the island.




19. 09. 2021 16:00 – 18:00


24.09. 2021 09:00
NOT INCLUDED Flights and transfers to and from the ship, Drinks on board (available for local prices), Field trips, Other personal expenses.

The ship leaves the next morning.